Saarbrücken – IT-Law teaching from A to Z

Do you enjoy IT, the internet and have an interest in law? Then this is the right place for you!

The law department and the Institute of Legal Informatics at the Saarland University can offer students teaching with a special focus on IT-Law from their 1st semester right through to Ph.D. studies and the start of their working life.

IT-Law from the 1st semester!

Students who are interested in technology or in the internet can gain experience in the area of IT-Law from the very beginning of their studies by participating in the »juristisches Internetprojekt« (Legal Internet Project) where, during editorial meetings, students, employees and professors from the Institute for Legal Informatics  discuss current developments in an informal setting. In addition, students can be awarded credit points for their participation which count towards their study programmes.

Students who are interested in technology will no doubt enjoy the computer science courses offered by Prof. Dr. Sorge.  Seminars on IT-Law and Legal Informatics are offered each semester and are suitable for students who are in their 4th semester and above. Many seminars are conducted in co-operation with representatives from industry.

The Institute, through its job exchange, assists students in finding internships in the area of IT-Law. An ideal opportunity for students is to work at the Institute as a student research assistant and take part in exciting projects.

Legal studies with a focus on IT-Law

The elective subject »IT-Law and Legal Informatics« provides students with sound knowledge of IT-Law – a rare opportunity in Germany. In fact, the subject can even be taken as part of the state legal exam here in Saarbrücken.

Postgraduate studies in IT-Law or Legal Informatics

Many Ph.D. students are working on doctoral theses on IT-Law and Legal Informatics topics at the Institute of Legal Informatics – this is an inspirational place to achieve your goal of doing a Ph.D.!

Exchange of information and ideas with contacts in industry

The Institute maintains close links with industry contacts through externally funded projects. Employees of the Institute are included in the latest developments as soon as they join the team and, through this, have the opportunity to assist in shaping the IT-Law of the future.

Saarbrücken's Internet Project, the IT-Law forum based in Saarbrücken, the Information and Media Law Colloquium and the »German Conference on Information Technology in the Judiciary« (EDV-Gerichtstag) are invaluable bridges to industry. They are accessible to everyone and are useful meeting places for those interested in IT-Law and Legal Informatics.

Legal Training with focus on IT-law

The Institute of Legal Informatics' job exchange lists suitable opportunities for those who would like to gain additional experience in IT-Law and specialise in this field during their legal training. Students often make valuable contacts at the Institute during their studies.

Many possibilities to renew old acquaintances in IT-Law

Former colleagues and those interested in  IT-Law and Legal Informatics frequently bump into one another – be it at the »German Conference on Information Technology in the Judiciary«, through their work on common projects, in the IT-Law forum based in Saarbrücken, in the working group »Identitätsschutz im Internet« (Online Identity protection) (a-i3) or in other places. The world of IT-Law is surprisingly small!

BMAS: ExamAI – KI Testing & Auditing

In the BMAS (Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs) project "ExamAI" Professor Borges' chair develops concepts for auditing and certification of AI applications. Further information: ExamAI


Legal Testbed

The chair of Prof. Borges is developing solutions for Industry 4.0 through the project "Recht-Testbed Industrie 4.0" funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi). More...


As part of the »INITIATIVE« project Professor Borges' team is working on AI-supported communication for autonomous vehicles in traffic. Click here to learn more...

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