The topics of data protection and IT security are omnipresent in today’s society. However, the day-to-day actions of many people often contradict their own demands in this area. A reluctance to pay for services on the Internet and to do so unconsciously or out of convenience with their own data, and a lack of insight into the complex digital world and its rules are just two of many possible reasons why people often pay little attention to these issues in a world with increasing data volumes. Many teenagers and young adults (adolescents) are no exception. Even if they have grown up as so-called digital natives with communication technology, this does not mean that they are confident and competent in dealing with it.

Objectives and Approach 

The A-DigiKomp joint project, is developing a digital assistant that is intended to increase the digital competence of adolescents by offering micro games that are tailored to their needs. The target group itself is already involved in the development process. The micro games enable a playful acquisition of competence that takes into account the needs and individual abilities of young adults. The Chair of Legal Informatics develops the legal as well as IT-security contexts of the different in-game scenarios and derives recommendations for action as well as aids for learning and internalizing competencies in the different areas of law and IT security. In doing so, various focuses are placed on the areas of data protection, criminal law and copyright law, with which adolescents come into contact, consciously or unconsciously, on a daily basis.

Innovation and Perspectives 

The assistant for digital literacy is implemented as a context-sensitive browser plug-in or mobile app, in which micro games are offered as an innovative means of knowledge transfer in a risk and demand-oriented way. In the future, the assistant can also be transferred to other age groups.

Funded by the federal ministry of education and research.  

Project manager

Chair for Legal Informatics – Prof. Dr. Christoph Sorge 


Associate researcher Karin Potel (Mail)

Project partner

Center for Cognitive Science der TU Kaiserslautern
HSD Hochschule Döpfer
imc information multimedia communications AG
RWTH Aachen – Institut für Psychologie
Serious Games Solutions der Promotion Software GmbH

Project duration 

June 2020 – May 2023


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