Institute at the IRIS 2017

The Institute of Legal Informatics participated very successfully once again in the International Symposion of Legal Informatics (IRIS) which, this year, took place from the 23rd to 25th February in Salzburg.

Prof. Dr. Erich Schweighofer and Stefan Hessel with the doll "My Friend Cayla"

Prof. Dr. Christoph Sorge is one of the co-editor of this year's conference transcript. Prof. Dr. Georg Borges was invited to hold the plenary address on the topic of »The General Data Protection Regulation. The potential for practice-orientated Data Protection.«

Prof. Dr. Borges, Prof. Dr. Christoph Sorge and Stephanie Vogelgesang each led a session at the Symposion.

Aljoscha Dietrich, Jochen Krüger and Karin Potel were particularly successful with their contribution entitled »Wearables in the grasp of the criminal justice system« and were placed first in the TOP-10-Paper.

Stefan Hessel received special recognition for his inter-disciplinary work »My Friend Cayla: a doll as a banned transmitter« in the form of the Research Prize for Legal Informatics awarded by the Centre of Legal Informatics in Vienna.

Special attention was also paid to a large number of other papers and their accompanying lectures given by members of the Institute.

  • TOP-10-Paper: »Data Protection for minors pursuant to the European General Data Protection Regulation of 27.04.2016« by Jochen Krüger, Stephanie Vogelgesang and Michael Weller
  • TOP-10-Paper: »E-mail from a lawyer? The challenge of secure communication with clients« by Dominik Leibenger, Stephan Ory and Christoph Sorge
  • Nomination for the Best Paper Award: »Judicial independence and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – the path for the future or an unacceptable security risk? « by Jochen Krüger, Frederik Möllers and Stephanie Vogelgesang
  • »Banned transmitters according to § 90 of the Telecommunications Law (TKG)« by Stephanie Vogelgesang, Frederik Möllers, Stefan Hessel and Lena Leffer

The Professorial Chair of Prof. Dr Christoph Sorge also enjoyed success in the Weblaw-photo competition: Lena Leffer, Stephanie Vogelgesang and Frederik Möllers' photo was able to win the competition; further the Professorial Chair took second place with a joint submission.

Legal Aspects of Cloud Computing

A total of 13 papers have been published as part of the BMWi's technology programme »Trusted Cloud«. The papers serve as an introduction to the legal aspects of Cloud Computing, answer a number of legal questions and offer potential new solutions to previously unsolved issues. You can download and order copies of these papers. More information...

German Conference on Information Technology in the Judiciary 2017

The 26th »German Conference in Information Technology in the Judiciary« (»EDV-Gerichtstag«) will take place in Saarbrücken from 20th to 22nd September 2017. More information...