Chair of Prof. Dr. Philippe Cossalter

French Public Law

The Chair of French Public Law at the Saarland University is part of the »Centre juridique franco-allemand« (CJFA) and has been held by Prof. Dr. Philippe Cossalter since the winter semester of 2010/2011.

The CJFA was the first German institution to offer students the opportunity to simultaneously work toward s qualification in both German law and French law .Students of the CJFA are taught French law in French and the Chair works closely with the Chair of French Private Law.

The Projekt BIJUS (, which is a bilingual database of German and French law, was initiated by the previous holder of the Chair, Professor Christian Autexier and aims to encourage and simplify interaction between the German and French students. The database contains information about France and German’s legal systems and more than 10,000 literature references in German, French and English.

As was the case with his predecessor, Prof. Autexier's work has close links to Information Technology  and, for this reason, the Chair of French Public Law established the online publication »Revue générale du droit« and writes contributions for it (

The webpages of the »Centre juridique franco-allemand« ( contain a wealth of information regarding  the teaching offered by both of the CJFA’s Chairs. The Chair’s current research activities and publications are displayed on the news section of the website.

In addition to teaching, the Chair of French Public Law is involved in research and the publication of academic papers.


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