Prof. Dr. Georg Borges

After leaving school and finishing his compulsory military service, Prof. Dr Borges studied law at the Universities of Frankfurt/Main, Geneva and Bonn. He also studied Economics at the Distance Learning University of Hagen. From 1984 to 1986, he worked as a tax assistant in addition to his studies and became accredited in 1987. Prof. Dr. Borges successfully completed his second state exam in law in 1994 and joined the international law firm Gleis-Lutz in November 1994. He left the law firm in January 1997 to become the assistant of Prof. Dr. Nobert Horn at the Institute of Banking Law at the University of Cologne.

Prof. Dr. Borges completed his doctorate on the subject »The double exequatur of arbitration awards. The recognition of foreign arbitration awards and exequatur decisions« at the University of Konstanz in 1996. Habilitation followed in 2002 with the title »Contracts in electronic business transactions. Formation of contracts, evidence, form, localisation, applicable law« at the University of Cologne.

He then took over interim professorships at various professorial chairs at the Universities of Augsburg, Bochum and Kassel. In the summer semester of 2004, Prof. Dr. Borges was offered a professorship at the Ruhr-University Bochum where he held the Chair of Civil Law, German and International Business Law, in particular IT-Law until 2014. He then accepted the offer of a professorship from the Saarland University where he currently holds the Chair of Civil Law, Legal Informatics, German and International Business Law as well as Legal Theory.

Prof. Dr. Georg Borges was a judge at the Higher Regional Court (»Oberlandesgericht«) of Hamm from April 2012 until April 2015. Due to his position as a university professor, he fulfilled his role as a judge at the Higher Regional Court of Hamm as a so-called 'second main position' which encompassed a significantly reduced workload. Prof. Dr. Borges was allocated to the 27. Civil Senate of the Higher Regional Court of Hamm which focuses on Company Law and Insolvency Law.


In this BMBF-subsidised project, the Chair of Prof Borges is examining challenges and solutions relating to the conclusive verification of electronic identities in reliable Cloud Systems. More information...

IMK: Dr. Anja Zimmer

On Tuesday 6th June 2017 at 18h c.t, Dr. iur. Anja Zimmer (Director of the Media Authority Berlin-Brandenburg) will present on the subject of »Algorithms and their implications for freedom of expression«. Mehr Informationen...