Legal Aspects of Cloud Computing

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As part of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy's (BMWi) technology programme »Trusted Cloud«, the Working Group entitled »The Legal Framework of Cloud Computing«, led by Prof. Dr. Borges, together with the pilot project »Data Protection-Certification for Cloud Services« “ have published a total of 12 papers. These include thesis papers on legal policy, working papers as well as several guidance notes regarding the practical use of Cloud Computing. The papers serve as an introduction to the legal aspects of Cloud Computing, answer a number of legal questions and offer potential new solutions to previously unsolved issues.

In April 2015, the pilot project »Data Protection-Certification for Cloud Services« published a 13th paper entitled »Trusted Cloud Data Protection Profile for Cloud Services (TCDP) « in version 0.9. According to this paper, a legally recognised Data Protection Certification will become reality in the future.

You can find more information about the technology programme »Trusted Cloud« on (in German).

English versions of the papers (where they are available) can be downloaded using the links below. Hard copies are available in German and details of how to order hard copies are set out below.


Trusted Cloud Data Protection Profile for Cloud Services (TCDP) Version 0.9

Date of issue: April 201
Download [pdf]

Cloud Computing: Solutions in the field of data procetion law

Date of issue: October 2012
Download [pdf]

Working paper – Modular Certification of Cloud Services

Date of issue: March 2014
Download [pdf]

Working paper – Protection Categories in Data Protection Certification

Date of issue: April 2015
Download [pdf]

Position Paper – Basic Principles of a Certification Procedure for Cloud Services

Date of issue: April 2015
Download [pdf]

Ordering German version hard copies by post

We are happy to send out hard copies of the German versions of the papers to interested parties. Please send requests by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please note that we require the following details in order to process your request:

  • Surname, Name (and, if applicable Company Name)
  • Postal Adress
  • Details of the papers required*

*Note – We ask for your understanding that we can only send out one copy of each publication per request. Unfortunately, the papers entitled »Das Trusted Cloud-Datenschutzprofil für Cloud Dienste (TCDP)« and »Arbeitspapier – Vertikaler Aufbau von Cloud-Diensten (Entwurf)« cannot be sent out by post.


In the BMBF-subsidised project »Trustworthy exchange of intellectual property in industry«, the Chair of Prof Borges is answering open legal questions relating to Enterprise Rights Management. More information...

IRIS 2017

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The International Legal Informatics Symposium (IRIS) is taking place for the 20th time in 2017. From 23 to 25th February, IRIS will take place under the general heading »20 Years: Trends and Communities of Legal Informatics«. About IRIS...