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Internet and IT as part of our daily lives

The internet and information technology are inherent parts of a citizen’s daily life, of the world of business and of the administration – these days, nothing works without IT.

Internet technology and the law

Legal issues surrounding the internet and IT have also become part of daily life. The ability to understand these legal issues, particularly in the areas of Data Protection and IT- Security requires an understanding of the relevant technology. What does the owner of a wireless network have to be aware of? Is a doctor permitted to use Cloud- Services? How can the scanning of documents be done in a legally compliant way?

Discussing the legal issues: a task for digital society

The legal issues raised by IT go to the very core of digital society and, for this reason, must be publically discussed by the citizens, by industry and by the administration. Cross-disciplinary dialogue between the fields of law and technology is absolutely crucial.

Every-day problems on the internet

In the Summer Semester of 2014, Prof. Dr. Georg Borges and Prof. Dr. Christoph Sorge ran a series of cross-disciplinary lectures and presentations entitled »Every-day problems on the internet« in which they looked at the then current legal issues surrounding the internet. The large amount of interest in and generated by this lecture series prompted the creation of an IT-Law Forum based in Saarbrücken.

Saarbrücken's IT-Law Forum

Saarbrücken's IT-Law Forum is the Institute of Legal Informatics' platform for the discussion of IT-Law and the technical questions linked to it. Saarbrücken's IT-Law Forum holds regular events which highlight current topics relevant to digital society and give the opportunity for public discussion. There are usually 2 to 3 such events each semester.

Events run by the IT-Law Forum take place at the Saarland University and, in co-operation with partners, at other venues in the Saarland.

Saarbrücken’s IT-Law Forum would be happy to answer your questions and to receive any suggestions and comments you may have!


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IRIS 2017

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